Saturday, August 10, 2013

How Fibro Hero's saved my life.

  When I was first diagnosed with fibro, I did what I think anyone would do in my situation.  I did my research on the condition and sought out others dealing with the same issues.  There was no physical support group in my area for fibromyalgia so I turned to the next best thing social media.   I typed in "Fibromyalgia" and of course TONS of groups popped up.  So I just joined the main group with the highest number of people in it.

In that general group I came across so much hatred towards others, "Cure all treatments",  and generally very nastiness.  It did provide me with information but the support towards others ( what fibro patients need wasn't there at all)  It was to the point were I got sick of looking on that page, because it was too much freaking DRAMA from everyone.  So I left, I wasn't adding to the stress I was already under for the sake of trying to find information and out of 1000 members maybe only meet like 3 decent people.

  A few months went by and one day I got a "Friend request" from "Fibro Heroes"  I was like hmmmmm ok so I checked out the group and basically it was another fibro suffer  who had also had horrible experiences on the same page I had left, she wanted to start her own group that did what we needed to do, support each other without the BS and Drama.

I remember the group starting off at about 30 members but we were all super super close to each other, we would all check in at least daily and bonds were created quick with one another, it became an addiction, Every day I was on that group checking making sure everyone was OK and posting about my  life as well.   The group grew not only with members that were suffering from fibro but their personal supporters as well, My husband saw that I was "happy" in the group and joined too in support of me and all of the other heroes pretty soon we were excited to hit 100 members and still gave nothing but support of each other.

Today  Fibro heroes has been on FB for a little over a year now and we have grown a lot in membership, it has truly been a blessing to not only connect with others with fibro but to send others in that direction to get more support.  This group has become an extended family and they have been with me through my darkest times,  in fact, they know more about those darker times than anyone else does in my life, because they "Get it". Without them supporting me, honestly I can't say where I would be mentally right now. The group saved my life and continues to effect the way that I deal with fibro.  All 200+ members are all my heroes and I love them dearly


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