Saturday, May 19, 2012

Inner Vs. Outer Beauty

   You know, I've never been into the way I look, or the way anyone looks for that matter.  I believe that true beauty is on the inside, and no matter how much make up you wear, how expensive your clothes and accessories were, or how good your hair looks, you better have the personality to back all that materialistic crap up.

When I met Don, we fell in love with each other's personalities, and voices, we had no pictures to go by, therefore; when he met me he saw Me, hair was a hot ass mess, I was in a 7 year old pair of jeans ( Still have) a nice short sleeve stripped shirt ( still have) and a blue sweat jacket ( still have that too) and no make up whatsoever, in fact I'd came running from some class I was in that day when he laid eyes on me in person for the very first time.   He was wearing a pair of black jeans, a red turtle neck, a pair of black boots, a black leather jacket and a hat that reminded me of a limo driver.

My God I remember that very first encounter at WLSC  We had to search for a parking place on campus before we could even get settled in, and I remember getting into his rental, and directing him out of the road and into a safe parking lot  down in the beta hall parking lot.  He turned off the car and we both looked at each other, and I said "Hi!" he said "Hi" back, we both had this cheesy freaking grin on our faces, and he kissed me so passionately that I don't ever think I will forget.  :) :) Ahh but I digress,  My point is, I am happily married now, and you know what? I am still the same person, but my husband tells me all of the time that I look "beautiful", "Gorgeous", "hot" and "Sexy".  I never really believed him, because growing up, with the exception of some family who knew Me for Me, no one else gave a crap about my inner beauty, they focused on the outer.  Now, my family is pretty good looking if I do say so myself, so I know I've got the outer beauty, but I also know too that I've got inner beauty to match. I think for the most part I am kind and  to everyone I met, and I try to be friendly if someone has another opinion, please share.

This is for anyone who's been told they weren't pretty, cute, handsome, never worth any guy/ or girl's time of day because of looks.  Well guys, take a look at yourself. Check the inner beauty, doll that up, make yourself look amazing on the inside and you will feel better and look better ( healthier ) on the outside too.

* KE*

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