Monday, March 26, 2012

My Fibromyalga Journey

I refuse to be highly medicated, or let this condition take over my body.
Yes, I am in constant pain, and some days are better than others, but with love, support and major changes to my lifestyle I know I am going to be able to function as I did before this diagnosis.

My journey started about 3 years ago when I would constantly get muscle spasms in my back, I took muscle relaxers and went to physical therapy for a few months and things got better. A few months later, the spasms returned and after constant trips to the ER they told me the condition was chronic but they ( ER Docs ) couldn't diagnose me with anything since they only deal with acute cases. I chalked everything up to "its going to come and go"
Fast forward to 2011, pain got worse and it was to the point where I was not sleeping at night. I went to my primary doc and explained this to her, she said "I think its fibromyalga" but she gave me muscle relaxers and said take them at night to help you sleep. This was OK for a few months but then the pain got so bad during the day, during the night, whatever I did was not working and I never took pain meds until I was done working and functioning for the day, therefore making the meds useless. Once the pain got to the point where my husband could not touch me, and everything no matter what I did hurt. It was affecting my marriage, my work performance, and my mood which was usually content. I went to my doctor this past week and pretty much told her, I dont want to rely on pain meds, and I was at a loss of how to effectively manage this without it.

Her response was this: " You don't want to be dependent on pain meds... thats fair" the question is now how do we manage this.
Here were her suggestions
She prescribed Cymbalta ( which I've heard mixed reviews about I am trying it to see how it works for me) which won't knock me out during the day but its supposed to help "lessen the blow" its not a pain killer but it calms the nerves down thus making pain that would be a 10 decrease to like a 7 which is good for me :) I'll take any relief and only take my flexeril when I have a flare up. Which I am OK with since flares are going to happen and the flexeril works but its not good all of the time.

I am on a strict exercise routine I have to walk at least 30 minutes a day
Avoid Caffine
Cut out the things that trigger your stress its important one of my stresses is the fact that I am dissatisfied with my job, and I am unable to sit for a long period of time so I cut way back on my hours and am going to work in short spurts
Get counseling- I am joining support groups and seeing a therapist to help with managing stress levels.

I hope these help someone.

This is my 3rd day into this routine, I havent noticed a change yet, but I am staying positive and patient.

I'll keep you all posted

Much Love!
God Bless

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