Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Missing my stepdad like you wouldn't believe.

  So for the last few weeks I've had a lot weighing on my mind, and the one person I know that would have been impartial to anything I had to say is in heaven.  I so badly wanted to call my stepdad to vent to him about something, and literally went to dial the number and went " Oh s*****"  then I curled up and broke down in tears.  

Its been a little over a year since he passed and so much has changed so quick.  There are things that I always thought he was wrong about and it turns out he was bloody right! ( I am sure he is saying " See I bloody told you!")  I miss the fact that I could ask anything and he always had an answer for me, good bad, BS :), Corny it didn't matter he figured out away to answer my question or give me advice about something.  

Never take your loved ones for granted. We aren't promised tomorrow. Love and appreciate everything, the good, bad, BS or corny.  Cherish it all because you will miss it and the ones who fed it to you. 

I love and miss you Mr. David more than you know. 

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