Saturday, October 15, 2016

Serenity! 10/5/16

 So as with my last pregnancy, this one ended with a huge bang.  After weeks and weeks of complications and low amniotic fluid, steroids to help the baby's lungs, and 8 hospital visits and admissions later.  I finally got my wish the day after I turned 30 years old.   I went into Maternal Fetal Medicine for my weekly appointment.  Unlike my pregnancy with Espy, I felt okay that day I had a headache, I was swollen, and had high BP.  This was the norm for me since about 30 weeks so I thought eh, they won't deliver me with just all of that.  Well that day was also my 34 week Ultrasound and the plan was with all of the issues I was having, if something happened to me or her we would go ahead and deliver.  Well, all was going as planned until  I asked the tech about her fluid level and she said "Hardly anything there" I thought hmmm.. She then said yeah the blood flow to the brain and cord were showing signs of hard to get for lack of a better term.   So she went quickly to show the ultrasound to the specialist who like me thought " Oh she is good" Thank God for the tech saying
" No, she isn't you need to look at this" Minutes and minutes pass and then she comes in with the news " So the plan is to deliver you today"   Me- " FINALLY!"  So we begin the process of now trying to find emergency care for Espy all while processing the fact that  I am about to have another C-section. This delivery wasn't as rushed as Espy's but it was still hasty, Dr. Gordon dosen't play around.  My diagnosis before delivery? You guessed it Preeclampsia for the second time, as well as intrauterine growth restriction and the baby had abnormal wave patterns in her ultrasounds.

This delivery was kinda special for me though because not only did I have the doctor that I loved performing everything, my primary midwife Irma came in and told me, " I am going to be with you the whole time" and that meant the world to me.  So we were hasty but not super rushed I felt more at ease with the whole process.  So fastfoward to the operating room, and I go in and its about 11 AM and by 11:23 I got this:

                                           Serenity Eulalia Grace Lozano   4Lbs 10Oz ( 1oz shy of Espy)
                                              17.25 inches. 

Now, by rule of the hospital any baby born under 35 weeks was automatically admitted to the NICU.
So knowing this I knew that she would be there and since I had to be hooked up to magnesium for 24 hours I was not going to be able to see her until the next day, this broke my heart but I knew it had to be done and prayed for a short stay in the NICU for my baby girl.

Serenity was born without any complications however; my 10 day old baby is still stuck in the NICU why? Becuase she won't drink a bottle, she will breast feed very well, but not take a bottle at all.  So please keep praying for my girl. She is doing marvelous otherwise.

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  1. She is so beautiful just like her mother and her sister hope and pray things get better for your family kedria love always your birth and life long friend Ceasar Patrick Sullivan (pizza pizza)Rice