Wednesday, October 19, 2016

NICU day 14

So, after being in the NICU for 14 days we are finally starting to see our baby take full bottles. This is in part thanks to a few nurses who said oh hey gonna change this nipple and see what happens. It was magicial.

We are currently at odds with one doctor on the care team, just dont care too much for her bedside manner and our interactions.  However we have an appointment with a social worker tomorrow and a call into the patient advocate as well gonna try and get them to get this discharge moving.  She would do much better at home with us.

Keep the prayers coming though, because  the way it was explained to us by an awesome nurse is that she needs to take all of her feeds ( 8) completly by mouth for 24 hours, then they will remove the NG tube, after that she needs to continue to take her feeds for another 24 hours before discharge.

Keep the prayers because we know she can take at least 3 feeds in 24 hours now. So pray send wishes good vibes etc that she says ohhh yea this is what I need to do.

She is such a joy, looks just like her big sister.

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