Friday, December 27, 2013

What NEEDS to happen in 2014

I am not one for making new years resolutions.  I set goals for myself and work all year to meet every goal and  self expectation I have for me.

 In 2013 I had a few goals.
1. Leave Amazon- Good company to work for, but I knew they weren't using me to my potential.  I know now I am struggling with finding a job, but I am seeking jobs that I want and doing all I can to make sure I can easily get better jobs than that.
2.  Get in a better mental place- this was very important to me. I had ups and downs with depression this year, I never want to get in to a dark place again.

In 2014 these things have to happen.
1. I NEED to be teaching not want NEED. I know now that I have a confidence in myself that I am a good educator and I need to be molding the next generation.
2.   I need a steady job. Yes, it needs to happen I have to get my own place again no matter what. The Lozano's need to both be working so we can Finally settle down.  ( Both of us)
3. Education is everything to me, need to get onto this doctoral school route
4.  I need to educate the world about fibro

I know I can and will do these! 

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