Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Most wonderful time of the year?

So I had an appointment with my OB GYN yesterday that was recommended to me by my other doctors when I moved back home. ( She is amazing her and my other doctor trained together so they are a lot alike). The appointment was good but it came with big decisions that my husband and I have to make.
Basically we are going to try clomid 1 more time to see if I can ovulate. basically I will be on 50 mgs. for 3 months and then if I am still not ovulating the dose will increase to 100 mgs ( Which we don't want to do unless we have to because that increases the chance of pregnancy and multiples) If that fails we have to decide whether or not I want to go through with other testing to see why I am not getting pregnant. This is hard because I am uninsured. Sooo yea. That leaves me with pretty much no options. I don't want to do in-vetro and all other methods are expensive. So basically I left the appointment depressed because finically I can't afford to go through any testing etc. So Adoption is very high on the list of possibilities. Not that we can't have a baby naturally but I am not going into debt and putting myself through all of this physical and emotional stuff. It's been hard enough as it is. so that is the deal. Adoption is a wonderful thing, and anyone with information on good agencies etc please pass it along

Musically things are getting intense.  I did two band concerts in a week and then I have 3 performance gigs before Christmas. I love this time musically its busy and I NEED to be busy. 

School Starts back up in Jan.  Excited yay

Other than that... Fa la la la la

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