Sunday, June 1, 2014

Diagnosis... Unconfirmed

 Well, its been awhile since I posted here.

Here is an update,  I started going to see a new OB/GYN. I really really like her  she is very through and very into what her patients need and have to say.

It was my first appointment and my annual examine so there were a lot of questions on both of our parts.  When it came time to answer any questions about past pregenancies I told her what happened to our angel baby two years ago, I said nothing was ever confrimed I can't get a straight answer as to what might have happened.
She and I both said that something could have happened way early on, and no one caught it.  She said well "Unconfirmed Miscarriage"  Something is likely to have happened but we aren't really sure.
Hearing that, gave me a little bit of closure, because she was of the same mindset that I am, there was something there.  It hit home though after discussing other fertility options.

The plan.

Get records from other doc
Up dosage of clomid for 3 months and see what happens
Ultrasound showed no cysts on my ovaries yet I do have PCOS

TMI readers sorry!

I finally admitted to my husband that I suffer from Painful sex and have every since we started having sex. and now I also suffer from vocoluymia ( chronic pain of the vulva) No cause no cure not many treatment options. Like fibromyalgia its just pain...

 Lets see where this lands us.


  1. how LaKedria! I sure hope that you find something that works and that you have your baby!!!!!!!